aka Jason

  • I live in Camp Crystal Lake
  • My occupation is Slasher
  • I am Male
  • AngryGodzillaPie

    Prologue: Whenever I, as a child, felt alone, looked to the stars, wondering for alien life. However, it turns out, I looked in the wrong direction. Instead of high above the stars, Alien life came from deep beneath the sea. The first Kaiju attack was in Los Angelos, 2013. After conventional weaponry failed, 3 nuclear missiles were used to finally bring down the kaiju, labelled Trespasser, but at the cost of all the lives in the area. 2 more kaiju attacks occured, and we learned, this was NOT going to stop. We needed a more efficient way to combat the Kaiju threat. Thus, the Jaegers were born. The first battles were wonky, but we kept WINNING. Thus, we got cocky. Kaiju costumes, kaiju toys, kaiju boom was in the works. However, then Kaiju b…

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