• AngryGodzillaPie

    Prologue: Whenever I, as a child, felt alone, looked to the stars, wondering for alien life. However, it turns out, I looked in the wrong direction. Instead of high above the stars, Alien life came from deep beneath the sea. The first Kaiju attack was in Los Angelos, 2013. After conventional weaponry failed, 3 nuclear missiles were used to finally bring down the kaiju, labelled Trespasser, but at the cost of all the lives in the area. 2 more kaiju attacks occured, and we learned, this was NOT going to stop. We needed a more efficient way to combat the Kaiju threat. Thus, the Jaegers were born. The first battles were wonky, but we kept WINNING. Thus, we got cocky. Kaiju costumes, kaiju toys, kaiju boom was in the works. However, then Kaiju b…

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, this is my idea blog, and feel free to add any ideas as you see fit. Now, I'm thinking about buying a lot of Minky Fabric and making plushies of Di'angelo characters. Here are some of my design pitches:

    Griffin is the first one I plan on making. She will be made with Brown, Teal, White, Yellow, and Peach Minky Fabric. Now, for her head, there will be white Minky (or whatever I can get).

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Welcome to the Di'angelo Fan Club Wiki!

    Here, you can edit and make pages about anything pertaining to the Di'angelo fandom. That incudes fanons, fan games, fan characters, and many other things! There are also pages here on the canon things so you can learn about the character and show without having to go to the other wiki!

    Here's the rules page: Di'angelo Fan Club Wiki Rules

    Here's the page for chat rules: Di'angelo Fan Club Wiki Chat Rules

    Here's the page for editing: Editing Help

    Here's the page for pictures: Uploading Help

    And, last but not least, have fun while you're here! That's what the wiki's for!

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